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DEKS Perform Lead Alternative

Perform® is a composite consisting of aluminium mesh, embedded in a special type of polymer rubber. Both of these materials are environmentally sound and UV resistant. The material offers the same functionality of lead, has excellent stretching properties and provides a ‘breathable’ covering which prevents the formation of condensation. Much lighter than lead and non-toxic, Perform® meets all the demands of today’s health and safety regulations. In order to match various different coloured tiles or slates, specifiers can now choose from four different colours; grey and black are available from stock with terracotta and brown to special order.

Product CodeDescription
PFR4-150GPerform roll 150mm x 4m - Grey
PFR4-250GPerform roll 250mm x 4m - Grey
PFR4-300GDeks Perform 300mm (12") x 4m (13') - Grey
PFR4-450GDeks Perform 450mm (18") x 4m (13') - Grey
PFR4-600GDeks Perform 600mm (23") x 4m (13') - Grey
PFR4-1250GPerform roll 1250mm x 4m - Grey
PFR4-150BPerform roll 150mm x 4m - Black
PFR4-250BPerform roll 250mm x 4m - Black
PFR4-300BDeks Perform 300mm (12') x 4m (13") - Black
PFR4-450BDeks Perform 450mm (18') x 4m (13") - Black
PFR4-600BDeks Perform 300mm (13') x 4m (23") - Black
PFR4-1250BPerform roll 1250mm x 4m - Black
408059532Perform adhesive - Grey (290ml)


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DEKS Fast Flash Self Adhesive Lead Alternative

Fast Flash is ideal for any application requiring a quick and secure flashing solution. Fast Flash can be installed on roofs with a slope of min 5° and on almost all roof materials. Fast Flash is environmentally friendly and easy to install as the reverse is self-adhesive, as well as being flexible and very workable. If painting is required or where water is likely to travel from copper or bitumen onto Fast Flash use 100% acrylic low sheen exterior paint.

Product CodeDescription
FFR5-140G140mm x 5m Roll - Grey
FFR5-280G280mm x 5m Roll - Grey
FFR5-370G370mm x 5m Roll - Grey
FFR5-560G560mm x 5m Roll - Grey
FS1000GFlash seal 1.13kg Grey
FFR5-140B140mm x 5m Roll - Black
FFR5-280B280mm x 5m Roll - Black
FFR5-370B370mm x 5m Roll - Black
FFR5-560B560mm x 5m Roll - Black
FS1000BFlash seal 1.13kg Black
408058000Perform Hammer
408060000Lead Free Roof Sign


FlashSeal - Effective Sealing

FlashSeal is used for the sealing, protection and repair of flashing on roofs and is, among other things, well-suited for the treatment of bitumen-based products. Flash Seal can cover tears up to 5 mm wide. Applied in a layer thickness of 1.5 mm and is waterproof after hardening.

Product CodeDescription
FS1000GFlash seal 1.13kg Grey
FS1000BFlash seal 1.13kg Black