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BandFlex EPDM Flexible Couplings

Our BandFlex range offers high quality & reliable pipe coupling solutions, backed by a life time guarantee. All end & centre bands are manufactured from 316 stainless steel.

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These couplings provide an excellent and cost efficient method of jointing two pipes.

Product CodeDescription
DAC4000BandFlex Adaptor Coupling 137-118 to 122-108mm
DAC6000BandFlex Adaptor Coupling 180-200 to 160-180mm

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Used to connect pipes where minimal shear and deflection conditions exist on site. EPDM pipe couplings are designed to connect pipe of a similar material and, or size. Couplings have been extensively tested for above ground and below ground usage applications.

Product CodeDescription
DPC115BandFlex Pipe Coupling 98-115mm
DPC125BandFlex Pipe Coupling 110-125mm
DPC135BandFlex Pipe Coupling 120 to 135mm
DPC150BandFlex Pipe Coupling 125-150mm
DPC165BandFlex Pipe Coupling 145-165mm
DPC175BandFlex Pipe Coupling 160-175mm
DPC180BandFlex Pipe Coupling 160-180mm
DPC195BandFlex Pipe Coupling 180-195mm
DPC200BandFlex Pipe Coupling 175-200mm
DPC215BandFlex Pipe Coupling 200-215mm
DPC225BandFlex Pipe Coupling 210-225mm
DPC250BandFlex Pipe Coupling 225-250mm
DPC275BandFlex Pipe Coupling 250-275mm
DPC290BandFlex Pipe Coupling 265-290mm

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Designed to be used where a full resistance to shear or deflection is required, made from quality EPDM rubber and 316 end and centre bands. Band-Flex Couplings have undergone rigorous long term tests. These couplings offer installers a peace of mind connection, and are expected to have a lifetime beyond the pipelines design life.

Product CodeDescription
DSC115BandFlex Standard Coupling 100-115mm
DSC125BandFlex Standard Coupling 110-125mm
DSC137BandFlex Standard Coupling 120-137mm
DSC150BandFlex Standard Coupling 125-150mm
DSC165BandFlex Standard Coupling 140-165mm
DSC180BandFlex Standard Coupling 160-180mm
DSC200BandFlex Standard Coupling 175-200mm
DSC215BandFlex Standard Coupling 190-215mm
DSC225BandFlex Standard Coupling 200-225mm
DSC240BandFlex Standard Coupling 215-240mm
DSC250BandFlex Standard Coupling 225-250mm
DSC265BandFlex Standard Coupling 240-265mm
DSC275BandFlex Standard Coupling 250-275mm
DSC285BandFlex Standard Coupling 260-285mm
DSC290BandFlex Standard Coupling 265-290mm
DSC315BandFlex Standard Coupling 290-315mm
DSC335BandFlex Standard Coupling 310-335mm
DSC345BandFlex Standard Coupling 320-345mm
DSC365BandFlex Standard Coupling 340-365mm
DSC385BandFlex Standard Coupling 360-385mm
DSC420BandFlex Standard Coupling 395-420mm

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DEKS can manufacture large diameter standard couplings up to 4m diameter. Made from superior specification rubber and stainless steel you can be sure of a great quality coupling with all the benefits of a peace of mind connection!