Dektite & Seldek Roof Flashings

We offer an extensive range of quality flashings to seal any penetration you may have. As the leading brand we ensure all our products are fully tested and approved - you can count on DEKS!

Flashing for Metal Roofs

metal roof ezi BLACK.PNG

Dektite® Premium

Perfect for Flashing Pipes on Metal Roofs

The multi-application flashing in a highly durable EPDM or silicone, edged with a flexible aluminium band, flashes hot or cold flues and pipes on metal roofs. The square base fits any prepared hole on most roof profiles.


Pipe ExternalRoof PitchBase SizeBlack EPDMGrey EPDMRed Silicone
0-35mm0-45°100 x 100mmDFE100BDFE100GDFE200RE
5-55mm0-45°139 x 139mmDFE101BDFE101GDFE201RE
5-76mm0-45°178 x 178mmDFE102BDFE102GDFE202RE
5-127mm0-45°221 x 221mmDFE103BDFE103GDFE203RE
75-175mm0-45°280 x 280mmDFE104BDFE104GDFE204RE
100-200mm0-45°310 x 310mmDFE105BDFE105GDFE205RE
125-230mm0-45°363 x 363mmDFE106BDFE106GDFE206RE
150-300mm0-45°456 x 456mmDFE107BDFE107GDFE207RE
170-355mm0-45°496 x 496mmDFE108BDFE108GDFE208RE
230-508mm0-45°681 x 681mmDFE109BDFE109GDFE209RE

metal roof ezi BLACK.PNG

Dektite® EZi-Seal™

Forget the Silicone - Just screw it down

Features a revolutionary non-absorbant and non-porous sponge gasket that seals by compression, even in wet conditions, it hugs the roof line to provide a watertight seal without the need for silicone sealant.


Pipe ExternalRoof PitchBase SizeBlack EPDM
0-35mm0-45°100 x 100mmDFE100BEZ
5-55mm0-45°139 x 139mmDFE101BEZ
5-76mm0-45°178 x 178mmDFE102BEZ
5-127mm0-45°221 x 221mmDFE103BEZ
75-175mm0-45°280 x 280mmDFE104BEZ
100-200mm0-45°310 x 310mmDFE105BEZ
125-230mm0-45°363 x 363mmDFE106BEZ
150-300mm0-45°456 x 456mmDFE107BEZ
170-355mm0-45°496 x 496mmDFE108BEZ
230-508mm0-45°681 x 681mmDFE109BEZ

Red Silicone Soaker-01.jpg

Dektite® Diverter

For Hi/Low Roof Pitches

No ponding or damming! The large base of the Dektite® Diverter dramatically reduces and diverts rain water back up that can occur on very low or high pitched roofs and deep ribbed roofing profiles. No need to cut around pipes, just quick straight lines for the square base.

Roof PitchBase SizeGrey EPDMRed Silicone
0-60°410 x 360mmDF602DF702
0-60°485 x 460mmDF603DF703
0-60°708 x 635mmDF605DF705
0-60°1006 x 905mmDF606DF706
0-40°750 x 660mmRFS4-


Dektite® Combo

Flash over or around

Use as standard Dektite®, or when retrofit is required, cut and fit around pipe and join with clips (supplied).

Pipe ExternalRoof PitchBase SizeBlack EPDMGrey EPDMRed Silicone
5 - 60mm0-40°139 x 139mmDC101BCDC101GCDC201REC
45 - 85mm0-40°177 x 177mmDC102BCDC102GCDC202REC
5 - 127mm0-40°218 x 218mmDC103BCDC103GCDC203REC
75 - 175mm0-40°285 x 285mmDC104BCDC104GCDC204REC
108 - 190mm0-40°365 x 365mmDC105BCDC105GCDC205REC
125 - 230mm0-40°365 x 365mmDC106BCDC106GCDC206REC
150 - 280mm0-40°454 x 454mmDC107BCDC107GCDC207REC
175 - 330mm0-40°454 x 454mmDC108BCDC108GCDC208REC
240 - 503mm0-40°685 x 685mmDC109BCDC109GCDC209REC
350 - 760mm*995 x 965mmDC110BC-DC210REC

Combo square.JPG

Dektite® Combo Square

Specifically designed for square penetrations from 20mm - 120mm. Suitable for standard or retrofit applications.

Pipe ExternalRoof PitchBase SizeBlack EPDM
20 - 125mm0-45°216 x 216mmDCS103C

Retrofit Situ (1).jpg

Dektite® Retrofit

For repairs and difficult-to-access pipes

Purpose designed for flashing roof penetrations where the flashing cannot be lowered over the pipe, but needs to go around. The unique patented zip lock does not require separate clips - just clamp it together! Also available with a diverter tray.

Pipe ExternalRoof PitchBase Size ØBlack EPDMGrey EPDMRed Silicone
235-425mm0-40°750 x 660mm-RFS4-

Dektite dekstrip-01.jpg

Dekstrip® Flashing

Stretches to any shape, Seals and Stays

The unique and patented internal aluminium strip allows the forming of almost any shape to seal and waterproof. Use with butyl mastic sealant and self-drilling screws to seal pipes, ducts, skylights, chimneys, bullnose and curved roofing profiles.

WidthLengthGrey TPE

Flatseal Medium.jpg


Ideal for Flat and Low pitch Roofs with Single Ply or Bitumen Coverings

No special tools or fittings are needed - FlatSealTM EPDM snaps tight to pipe without clips. Seals to roof with hot or cold liquid bitumen - refer to FlatSealTM brochure for installation guide. Black EPDM for maximum UV and Ozone resistance.

Pipe ExternalBase Size ØBlack EPDM
25 - 175mm345mmFS25-175


Dektite® fixing kits

Dektite® fixing kits are designed for use with Deks EPDM and Silicone flashings on metal roofs. The FX901 kit (As shown) contains 1 x 75ml tube of low modulus Silicone, 25 x self- drilling screws, 25 x colour caps (silver) 1 x fixing instruction leaflet.

The FX902 kit contains 3 x 75ml tube of low modulus silicone, 75 x self-drilling screws, 75 x colour caps (silver) and 1 x fixing instruction leaflet.

On the back page of the instruction leaflet is a table which indicates which kit is required for each size of flashing.


Dektite® flashing adhesive

Dektite® flashing adhesive is a one part Polymer hybrid engineering grade adhesive with primerless adhesion to most substrates and is formulated to adhere Dektite® EPDM & Silicone flashings. The adhesive reacts to atmospheric moisture to produce a long life polymer hybrid rubber joint that is resistant to UV and will remain permanently flexible.

Temperature range: -50°C to +165°C


Flashings for Tile & Slate Roofs

fluestd BLACK flat inside.png

Seldek® Aluminium

Installs in a flash on Tile or Slate Roofs

The Seldek® Aluminium won't stain or corrode roofs and gutters. The EPDM cone, which is trimmed on site to fit, is ingeniously locked to a high grade and malleable 99.9% pure aluminium base. The fast economical way to flash a tile roof.

Pipe ExternalRoof PitchBase SizeBase TypeBlack EPDM
12 - 70mm0-45°500 x 600mmAluminiumSDA100B
50 - 170mm0-45°500 x 600mmAluminiumSDA101B
110 - 200mm0-45°600 x 600mmAluminiumSDA102B
160 - 300mm0-45°764 x 764mmAluminiumSDA103B
300 - 450mm0-45°956 x 956mmAluminiumSDA104B

fluestd GREY flat inside.png

Seldek® Aluminium High Temperature

Installs in a flash on Tile or Slate Roofs

The Seldek® Aluminium won't stain or corrode roofs and gutters. The grey silicone cone will withstand constant temperatures at the roofline of 200°C and up to 250°C intermittently


Pipe ExternalRoof PitchBase SizeBase TypeGrey Silicone
110 - 200mm0-45°600 x 600mmAluminiumSDA202G
160 - 300mm0-45°764 x 764mmAluminiumSDA203G

fluestd Black Pitched flat inside.png

Seldek® Aluminium Pitched

Installs in a flash on Tile or Slate Roofs

The Seldek® Aluminium won't stain or corrode roofs and gutters. The pitched design allows for a less distorted cone when fitted to steeper pitches.

Pipe ExternalRoof PitchBase SizeBase TypeGrey Silicone
150 - 280mm20-45°764 x 764mmAluminiumSDAP203G
Pipe ExternalRoof PitchBase SizeBase TypeBlack EPDM
150 - 280mm20-45°764 x 764mmAluminiumSDAP103B

Seldek Nu-lead.JPG

Seldek® Nu-Lead®

No more concern about Unprotected Lead

Seldek® Nu-Lead® has been developed for use where the handling of lead and associated environmental issues are of concern. Combines a long-life, weather-resistant EPDM cone with a grey primed acrylic coated lead base. The unique thermo-baked coating does not affect the lead's malleability, and prevents leaching onto the roof and into gutters, downpipes and the water table.

Pipe ExternalRoof PitchBase SizeBase TypeBlack EPDM
12 - 70mm0-45°490 x 410mmNu-LeadDNL101B
50 - 170mm0-45°600 x 450mmNu-LeadDNL103B
175 - 330mm0-45°850 x 550mmNu-LeadDNL108B